About Us

We, Sabina and Michael, are well and truly dog lovers.

All dogs are allowed to live inside with us. There are no kennels at Sky Ridge Park but a large house, designed for living with dogs, and a big, fully fenced backyard of approx. 2.5 acres where the dogs can run and play together safely.

We are also the manufacturers of RAW 4 PAWS®, a healthy, natural raw diet of highest quality, available at several pet shops and retailers in and around Brisbane, Queensland: www.raw4paws.com.au

After moving to our property in the southwestern corner of Brisbane we were finally able to put my, Sabina’s, lifelong dream of breeding dogs into reality and Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles started.

Even if Goldendoodles are not a registered breed we strongly believe that it is most important to only breed from healthy dogs with a great temperament. Therefore our breeding dogs are carefully selected and assessed for their temperament as well as health tested against genetic diseases - the same tests registered breeders of pure bred dogs are doing.

Sky Ridge Park is not a puppy farm, we are only breeding on a small scale and don’t have puppies available at any given time.

We do have a waiting list and should you be interested in getting more information, also on availability of puppies or future litters please don’t hesitate to contact us.