Feedback of Sky Ridge Park Puppy Owners

Freya’s family, NSW:

"When searching for a Goldendoodle puppy we were really pleased to come across Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles because they really care about the homes that their puppies are being sent to. We were impressed that Sabina wanted to make sure that we were the right type of home for a Goldendoodle puppy and that she would be happy with one of her pups coming to us.

The whole process went very smoothly and Sabina provided information far beyond what I would have expected from a breeder. Our questions were always answered very quickly and Sabina provided us with a lot of help and knowledge from her previous experiences as a dog owner. Our pup Freya is a beautiful and happy little dog and we are so pleased to have her."

Nugget’s owner, Hong Kong:

"Nuggets arrived in Hong Kong when he was about 11 weeks old. He was an incredibly brave puppy and took the entire air travel experience all the way from Brisbane in his stride. He was very calm and relaxed even though he was probably tired and famished! He got comfortable and adjusted in his new environment remarkably quickly and practically slept through the night without complaint. He’s a very lovable, sociable and well-adjusted puppy and is very fond of getting lots of cuddles!

The whole experience of adopting Nuggets from Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles was very straightforward and stress-free. Sabina is clearly very knowledgeable about dogs and was very helpful in helping me prepare for his arrival and transition to his new home. Nuggets had already been socialized with people and other dogs and was practically housetrained before he arrived! He is very gentle, intelligent and easy to train. He was already quite accomplished with the “sit” command. It was evident that the puppies received a lot of care and love before they moved to their new homes.

While 11 weeks feels like a long time to wait, it went by quickly as we received frequent updates and photos of the puppies as they grew up. And they certainly do grow up very quickly! Sabina’s always very responsive and helpful on all questions that I had. I was also very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with Nuggets in Brisbane before he made his trip to Hong Kong. I only had a couple of hours in the city as I was travelling between cities within Australia on a business trip. Sabina and Michael took the trouble to take the long drive out with Nuggets so that we could have a short meeting in the city! It was really incredibly kind and generous of them to have given us the opportunity to meet.

Nuggets is a gem of a puppy and I am very happy to have adopted him from Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles!"

Mei Mei’s family, Hong Kong:

"It was a big decision for us to get a dog since we are living abroad in Hong Kong. We knew that the best breeders closest to us were in Australia. We were lucky enough to be introduced to Sabina when the original breeder of Goldendoodles we contacted told us she wasn't expecting a litter anytime soon.

Sabina was extremely thorough throughout the entire process. Firstly, she was extremely diligent in finding out who the puppy's new family would be. She asked many questions about where we live, if the dog would be left alone for long periods of time, if we travelled, etc. She was genuinely concerned that she placed each of her pups with the best family.

Sabina continued to send us updates during her breeding girl’s pregnancy and continued to answer our questions, again, very thoroughly and provided very clear, detailed answers so that by the time our pup arrived, we felt fully informed about everything from her feedings, personality, medical updates, grooming and even her experience traveling in the car to the airport getting ready for her big trip to HK ( we were told then that Mei Mei got car sick and to take it slow with her when we bring her home). When the pups were born, we received photos and even some video so we could see them growing over the 10 weeks.

I would without a doubt, highly recommend Sabina and Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles as a breeder who provides impeccable service and who first and foremost, has the dogs best interest at heart all times!!

We now have our lovable little girl, Mei Mei (which means little sister in Mandarin) for about 4 weeks. The entire family has become quite attached to her! She is very easy to train, has the most fabulous temperament which is great around our kids, and is very loving. Even at this stage, Sabina continues to communicate with us asking how Mei Mei is doing and wanting to hear about her escapades.

It was well proven that Sabina breeds these adorable Goldendoodle pups not in the name of doing business, but simply because she loves these dogs like they were her own babies! Case closed!"

Chilli's family, Gold Coast, Australia:

"On behalf of our whole family I wanted to say thank you for our wonderful Goldendoodle 'Chilli' (Sky Ridge Park's Hazelnut Cream).

We could not be happier with the breed or this new addition to our family.

The whole process of purchasing Chilli from Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles has shown us that Sabina and Michael truly care about their puppies.

The opportunity to meet a Goldendoodle from a past litter before our puppy was born and then be kept informed throughout the pregnancy, birth and early weeks of Chilli's life was fantastic. We really loved the photos and emails, which we have kept.

Peter and I, especially loved to watch the kids anticipation and excitement growing until we could collect Chilli.

The opportunity to visit Chilli before she was ready to leave her mother and see where she was growing up certainly set our minds at ease that we were purchasing her from a genuine Goldendoodle breeder.

Some of our friends did raise their eyebrows when they found out the cost of Chilli, but we definitely got what we paid for and she was both worth the wait and cost.

We are really grateful also, for Sabina and Michael's advice and assistance with any questions since we have collected Chilli.

We wish Sky Ridge Park all the best in the future"

Kula's family, Honolulu, Hawaii:

"I purchased a puppy from Sabina at Sky Ridge Park Goldendoodles in 2010. Dealing with Sabina was like dealing with a friend. She would answer my questions regarding the purchase process, puppy selection that she makes based on my answers to her questionnaire, puppy updates (and pictures!), puppy care or any other questions that I could think of and she always responded very quickly.

She provided me with as much info that she had regarding the health and temperament of the parents. Everything went on schedule as planned including the long distance delivery to Honolulu, Hawaii.

My puppy is a very healthy and highly intelligent girl. Her temperament is so mellow that I don’t think she has a mean bone in her body. She does so well in puppy training classes that she has become one of the trainer’s favorites.

I like the fact that I can always email Sabina if I have questions, need advice or suggestions. It’s always hard to trust anyone over the internet, especially making a transaction internationally, but Sabina’s professionalism and responses made me feel like I was dealing with someone honest and I didn’t have to worry about anything."