A bit of information about Goldendoodles

Most likely you have already heard about Goldendoodles. Some people also call them "Groodles."

Goldendoodles/Groodles are hybrid dogs or cross breed dogs which means their parents are pure bred Golden Retrievers and Poodles, either Standard Poodles or also Miniature Poodles. Their offspring are first generation Goldendoodles or F1 Goldendoodles.

There are also F1b Goldendoodles – the “b” stands for backcross which means that one parent is F1 Goldendoodle and the other parent is Poodle or Golden Retriever.

F2 Goldendoodles are offspring of two F1 Goldendoodle parents.

Poodle crosses have become more and more popular all over the world due to the fact that most of them have a low to non shedding coat and they all love being around people, especially children.

The typical Goldendoodle appearance is fluffy/shaggy but can sometimes also vary between a more Retriever-like or Poodle-like look. Most of them are somewhere in between with a soft, wavy fleece or woolly fleece coat and a teddy bear-like appearance.

But even if Goldendoodles don’t drop hair everywhere their coat still needs to be looked after, so regular brushing and grooming is required to get rid of dead hair that could cause matting and discomfort for the dog.

Some Goldendoodle owners like to clip their Dood’s coat short, others like it long and shaggy looking.

Goldendoodles also come in different sizes – as ‘standard’ or ‘medium/mini’ Goldendoodles. A standard Goldendoodle/Groodle usually has a Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever as a parent while medium to mini Groodles have a Miniature Poodle, or sometimes even a Toy Poodle, as one parent. As ‘standards’ they can weigh up to 30 kg, some even more, ‘medium/minis’ weigh obviously less, around the 20 kg mark or under.

Most Goldendoodles do have an allergy friendly coat, either non shedding or low shedding, but it is not possible to guarantee that every Goldendoodle/Groodle will be hypoallergenic or not shed at all before they have their adult coat.

Allergies are sometimes also not only caused by a dog's hair so to be be sure that a future puppy owner with an allergy disposition would be all right with a Goldendoodle we encourage him/her to try first if there were any allergic reactions when meeting or playing with a Goldendoodle before reserving a puppy.

And that’s what Goldendoodle owners say about them:
“ Goldendoodles are intelligent, loyal and obedient companions. They are everybody's friend and devoted to their family. They are friendly towards children, other dogs and pets, and easy with strangers. They are social dogs, happiest when with people. But they can get into mischief and develop behaviour problems, just like any other breed, if they have to spend most of their lives alone. Their intelligence, eagerness to please, and love of learning make them very easy to train... “

Many Goldendoodles have therefore already made a career as assistance, therapy and service dogs.

As hybrid dogs Goldendoodles can not be registered as breed because Kennel clubs currently only accept and register pure bred dogs.