The Sky Ridge Park Nursery

Sky Ridge Park puppies are born in our bedroom and raised inside with a lot of love and care from all of our two- and four-legged family.

We are using ENS – Early Neurological Stimulation – which consists of a number of certain, gentle exercises, performed on each puppy between day 3 and day 16. These exercises have been shown to improve heart rate and strength, strengthen the functioning of the adrenal gland, and increase tolerance to stress and resistance to disease.

Once it is safe for our puppies they are introduced to our other dogs, to different environments inside and outside the house, different noises and a variety of surfaces and toys as well as car travel.

They are also started on housetraining in a very natural way from the moment they can walk on their own and they will be started on the first basic obedience commands before leaving us.

Sky Ridge Park puppies are regularly vet checked, wormed fortnightly, vaccinated (1st vaccination) and microchipped before going to their new homes.

They are strictly sold on a contract only to make sure that they will have the best of homes.

This contract also contains a spay/neuter agreement that has to be accepted by their new owners and fulfilled within the time frame given by Sky Ridge Park.

We would also be able to have puppies desexed early for puppy buyers convenience and at buyers cost.

Our puppies can travel interstate as well as overseas and we are happy to assist with that.

Please see our puppy owners feedback page.

Please also see our Info Page about our Adoption Procedure and contact Sabina for further information.